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Давыдов Л.Н. (Украина), Schmelzer J.W.P.
"V.V. Slyozov: some personal reflections"
Дубровский В.Г., prof.
"Role of nucleation in the vapor-liquid-solid growth of III-V semiconductor nanowires"
Glas F. (France), prof.
"Nucleation statistics and length distributions for wurtzite and zinc blende III-V nanowires growing from liquid nanodroplets with very low group V content"
Иевлев В.М., акад. РАН
"Relaxed structure of interphase boundaries in two-layer metal films: molecular dynamics"
Neimark A. (USA) , проф.
"Adsorption Induced Deformation and Phase Transformations in Nanoporous Crystals"
Щёкин А.К., чл.-корр. РАН
"Molecular component of the disjoining pressure in droplets at heterogeneous nucleation"
Schmelzer J.W.P. (Germany), проф.
"Crystallization of Glass-forming Melts: New Answers to Old Questions"
Захаров A.Ю., проф.
"On the probability-free mechanism of macroscopic irreversibility and microscopic foundation of thermodynamics"
Umantsev A.R (USA)
"Bifurcation Theory of Plasticity, Damage and Failure"


Asaoka Hidehito (Japan)
"Low dimensional nanostructure growth on anisotropic silicon (110) reconstruction surface"
Bockowski Michal (Poland)
"Bulk growth of GaN. How to overcome the equilibrium crystal shape?"
Буравлев А.Д.
"Formation of wide-bandgap semiconductors on Al2O3"
Borisenko Natalia
"Non-Linear Effects in Electrodeposition of Semiconductor Nanostructures in Ionic Liquids"
Cherkashin Nickolay (France)
"Quantitative strain distribution in electromechanically coupled IV-IV and III-V semiconductor quantum dots"
Цырлин Г.Э.
"III-V nanowires grown by MBE on Si and SiC substrates"
Courac Alexandre (France)
"Mechanisms of silicon allotropes' crystallization in condensed media by in situ diffraction of synchrotron radiation."
Двуреченский А.В.
"Atomic-scale tuning of quantum dot nucleation and growth with ion-beam material irradiation"
Фрейдин А.Б.
"Stress-assisted phase and chemical transformations in solids via chemical affinity tensor"
Gor Gennady (USA)
"Kinetic model for condensation-induced restructuring of atmospheric soot aggregates
Гурия Г.Т.
"Nucleation effects in receptors clustering on a T-cell’s surface"
Iwai Hiroshi (Japan)
"The scaling of subnanometer EOT gate dielectrics for ultimate nano CMOS technology"
Iwaya Motoaki (Japan)
"In situ XRD characterization during AlGaN crystal growth and its UV device application"
Кащенко М.П.
"The fastest crystal formation mechanism"
Кривцов А.М., чл.-корр. РАН
"Wave heat processes in low-dimensional materials"
Louzguine Dmitri (Japan)
"Crystal nucleation- and crystal growth-controlled formation of bulk metallic glasses"
Осипов А.В.
"Ab initio methods in the description of phase transformations and intermediate and transition states."
Sakai Seiji (Japan)
"Growth and properties of novel graphene-based magnetic heterostructures for spintronic device applications"
Шур В.Я.
"Superfast domain wall motion and growth of dendrite domains in ferroelectrics. Analogy with crystal growth"
Смирнов Б.М.
"Water condensation and atmospheric phenomena"
Столярова В.Л., чл.-корр. РАН
"Vaporization and thermodynamic properties of oxide systems and materials"
Striccoli Marinella (Italy)
"Synthesis and assembly of colloidal nanomaterials towards advanced functionalities"
Волошин А.Э.
The problem of growing mixed crystals and high-efficiency K2(Co, Ni)(SO4)2 · 6H2O optical filters
Testino Andrea (Switzerland)
"The calcium carbonate case study. From ions to the amorphous phase. Classical or Non-classical nucleation?"
Wolff Maximilian (Sweden)
"Finite size and proximity effects in ultra thin epitaxial transition metal superlattices"
Зломанов В.П.
"Characteristics of the composition, purity and uniformity of substances in material science"